Our computer-guided dentistry ensures precision.

Computer-guided dentistry is a revolutionary way of treating many dental conditions. Many procedures at South Gippsland Dental Clinic are performed using computer guided techniques to deliver the best possible result.


What is computer-guided dentistry?

Computer-guided dentistry represents a giant step forward in many aspects of dentistry, such as the replacement of teeth with dental implants and oral surgery. Using Cone Beam CT Scan techniques and 3D imaging, dentists can now visualise the patients jaws and teeth in three dimensions. This eliminates the guesswork involved, and dentists can perform surgical procedures with precision and safety.

How does this 3D technology improve treatments such as Dental Implants?

The biggest advantage of this fantastic 3D technology is safety and precision. To ensure a successful dental treatment such as implant placement, one must take into account the patient’s functional requirements, and anatomy. During the assessments, 3D imaging contributes to a greater success rate due to its ability to visualise previously undetectable anatomic variability and pathology. Simply put, 3D images provide detailed information that traditional 2D x-rays cannot offer. This greatly aids in precision.

Do all dental practices have the technology to do 3D imaging and computer-guided dentistry?

Unfortunately due to the high costs involved in setting up the machine, most dental practices in Australia do not have this technology available on-site. South Gippsland Dental Clinic is proud to be one of very few clinics to offer this technology.

So how does computer-guided surgery actually work?

It works by planning the surgery on a computer first. Our dentists can virtually perform and plan the surgery on the computer system and that information is sent to Germany where the precise surgical guide is constructed. Once it arrives in Australia, we can perform surgery similar to Keyhole Surgery where we can precisely place dental implants without any guesswork. Since all the planning is done on computers avoiding any major anatomical features, we know that the procedure will be performed safely with minimal discomfort to our patients.


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