We’re driven by our vision.

A vision of optimal oral health care.

At South Gippsland Dental Clinic, our vision is to offer optimal oral health services to the people of Gippsland utilising the best equipment, in an environment that is based on mutual trust and respect.

To implement this vision, we constantly invest in our staff, new equipment and dental technology. We are the first dental clinic in South Gippsland to operate Digital X-Rays, CAD CAM Cerec technology, and 3D Cone Beam CT X-Rays. We provide world-class 21st century dentistry and you don’t need to travel to Melbourne.

At South Gippsland Dental Clinic we put huge emphasis on continuing education and staff training. We believe that this is the best way to ensure top quality service to our clients based on mutual trust and respect.

We always work to fully inform our clients so they can choose the quality services offered by the clinic, to be then delivered by our highly valued, well-trained and empowered staff.

We spend time to listen and collect as much information as possible. Our comprehensive exam is far more detailed than most dental exams you will ever experience. We do this to make sure that we thoroughly check everything and fully inform our clients.


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